ATension headache is a very common condition. Most often it is caused by muscle tension, stress, fatigue, emotions or uncomfortable prolonged positions, eg. sitting at the desk. Tension headache is characterized by a diffuse, constant, compressing headache lasting from 30 minutes to up to 7 days. There is usually no vomiting or vision changes. You may also feel neck and shoulders pain.




BMigraine is a repetitive, pulsating and one sided headache, lasting usually from 4 to 72 hours. The headache is intensified by physical activity and photophobia, phonophobia, vomiting and nausea are common. Sometimes the headaches is preceded by an aura- a visual or sensory changes, sometimes even temporary paralysis. In Nowacki Chiropraktyka clinic we use the combination of chiropractic treatment, dietary supplements and other therapies which may successfully treat migraines.





COne sided headache radiating from the neck into the back and side of the head and sometimes face. Cervicogenic headache is often associated with cervical spinal degeneration and joint dysfunction. Headache may be aggravated by the head movement of pressure applied to the neck. Chiropractic treatment often results in a rapid reduction of headache, whereas preventative chiropractic care may stop them from returning.


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