Chiropractic has its origins in USA in XIX century. Doctors of chiropractic (D.C.) specialize in musculoskeletal pain treatment and prevention, focusing primarily on spine, its proper alignment and its effect on the nervous system and health.  




Chiropractors highlight the importance of homeostasis and natural healing mechanisms within the human body. Heath problems such as back pain, headaches, migraines, neck pain or fatigue are often the symptoms of the interference with body's own homeostasis. There are a lot of potential causes- spinal degeneration (arthritis), old injuries or accidents, stress, bad diet or lack of exercises.

Chiropractic is the largest and most regulated branch of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and third largest, after medicine and dentistry, healthcare profession in the world. The role of a chiropractor is to analyze the spine and correct its dysfunction through spinal manipulation without use of drugs or surgery, which improves one's overal health. Treatment also includes education, exercises, rehabilitation and dietary changes.




Chiropractic in Poland

Chiropractic is not currently a recognized profession in Poland and there is no accredited courses offering chiropractic degrees here. Therefore, there is only 7 doctors of chiropractic/chiropractors practicing in Poland who graduated from an accredited institution overseas: Dr Artur Jan Mazur BSc (chiro). D.C., Dr Leszek Majkowski D.C., Dr Lukasz Matusiewicz D.C., Dr Sophie C. Nielsen BSc (chiro), Dr Mateusz Nowacki, D.C. (Australia), BSc, BChiro (Hons), D.C., Dr Jane Hajduk DC, Dr Kendall Chorostecki DC. All are members of Polish Chiropractic Association established in 2008 and European Chiropractic Union (ECU). To find a chiropractor in Poland, visit the ECU website 


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